5 months ago they sold me a 2010 Lexus assuring me that the car was "perfect" they lead you to think you don't need to have the car's looked at they gave this car a score that was the highest possible. (they have No service center onsite they base their scoring on second hand information) a month later after hitting a bump all the engine lights came on so I took it to Park Place Lexus to have it looked at and was told it had been in a major accident with several thousand dollars worth of damage and that the warranty was not going to cover a lot of Major things. After being given the run around for the past 4 months, Now they are treating my situation as a trade in wanting me to pay them $6000+ To get what they should have sold me to begin with (I paid $30,990 they will only buy the car back for $25,000) leaving me upside down since I have only been paying on the car for 4 months they make $6000+ for selling me a damaged car and want to make another profit from selling me a replacement car "Sure seems like the typical used car dealership to me" there is much much much more, if you would like to hear the full story before doing business with them please email me here or at tracynem@aol.com.

Monetary Loss: $30990.

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No the carfax said the title was clean because the previous owner was a Lexus dealership the repairs were done in house and never reported to carfax!!

Katy, Texas, United States #1349274

Didn't the "Car Fax" show the accident?I see many people claim after buying cars months later the Car Fax has an update which was not there at the time of the purchase....an accident.

Did you ask the dealer if the car was hit? You have lots of due~diligence that you alone are responsible for. This is why it pays to shop at the dealer for used and get that extended factory warranty via CPO!!! If you have an air-suspension it could cost you $4000.-12000.

especially in the higher end cars like Range Rover. You may be able to buy the car but can you "afford" the car?

ALWAYS CPO!Go to the Factory Authorized Dealer!

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